God is so powerful, why this sacrifice on the cross? One word or even less than that wouldn’t suffice?!

God created Human beings giving them with individual liberty. It is not like creating robots or machines that can be controlled by mechanism.

With this freedom, Man got choices. A Choice to obey or disobey. And many choices in the life context.

When Man sinned, He chose to go away. So He was banished from Eden. If a sinful man lives for ever, then His sufferings will also last for ever. So it ‘s good for a Man to die after committing sin (after living a lifespan given By The Lord) . To prevent eternal disgrace, Man had to be banished from the Eden, where the Tree of Life that bears fruit, so that no human may attain disgraceful eternity by eating the fruit of life. Therefore, in order to live, and to endure in eternity, man needs to conqueror sin and its consequences.

Now, how does the miserable man and all progressing human offspring could overcome sin? Especially who ‘s born in sin and possessed with binding weakness within. How can he be saved then? Unless man chooses good, he could/can not get salvation. The evil and sin that has already taken control never offered a choice but had put only more bondage to human. It never offers any good. Nor it offers any choice beyond its own nature. As the bad had already entered, Man himself can/could not choose Good unless it is offered to him to choose. At this stage, only God can offer good to Man, but Man did not know Him since then. So Man knows only the knowledge of ‘What is good and what is bad.’ based on his decision, as the fruit that gives the knowledge of ‘what is good and what is bad’, it is an individuality powered by ego, which can not accept anything but one’s own limited knowledge. So man can never know God by anymeans at this stage. God had plan to save humans. However, humans needed only worldly manifestations to believe. And man’s expectations, nature and insights are already corrupt by the evil influence. As a consequence,  man has to go through only suffering and death without any other choice. So only by the grace ofGOD, by the merit of His mercy human can make a choice of Good.

To prepare Man for salvation, Initially God warned Man by various signs and messages; He gave Him Commandments; God’s chosen people were saved in war famine etc, beyond the limitations of the world.. In this way, the Lord gave humans the realization of His power and the limitations of the material world, and human weakness, making him realize the need of salvation. Yet, even all the Commandments, Blessings, Revealations, victories and delights were a choice to Man either to accept or to decline. Everything came / comes from God is not imposed But given as a choice. However, once making a choice, Man failed to be commited to the choice he had made. That made God angry, however, His anger was a parent’s care. It was only to discipline him. and not to distroy him. So, humans got various knowledge and experiences of Lord Almighty before salvation was offered through Jesus Christ, so that Man will have complete ability to choose Salvation which was/is right in front of him while it is offered. And through Lord’s grace alone, and not by the merit of our deeds we are saved, yet, the Grace of God needs to be accepted by Man. because, it is a choice to make.

Why The Lord Jesus took suffering upon Himself??

According to the Law of Moses, to receive forgiveness, a Sacrifice of Lamb should be offered as a penance of sins; It was a ritual to be observed. Therefore, as a choice made to repent from sins, one had to offer sacrifice on the Altar. Though it was appearantly symbolic , it was meant to give realizations and an opportunity for Man to turn towards God.

Even when the snake of Bronze raised by Moses, only those who saw it (as a choice available) could be saved from the fatality of snake bite poison.

Though there was law, sacrifice-offerings, it only revealed how weak humans are in following them.  Under this realization, Man must seek the kingdom of God. And the whole world was looking earnestly and waiting for the saviour to come. So that they can be saved by grace. The Lord sent His only Son to save the world, to establish God’s Kingdom and it was done at the very right time when man can make a clear choice to accept Him.

As a ritual of sin offering, Jesus offered Himself on the Wooden Cross. It is the Divine Mercy that is flowing in infinite volumes to everyone. His sufferings along with His sacrificial offerings saved mankind from the punishments of all sins.

Yet this one too comes with a choice. The choice of believing and most importantly, accepting the message of Jesus, that is, the coming of Gods Kingdom. Therefore, whoever acknowledges Lord Jesus as His/Her Lord and Saviour (in act, not by mere words) – they will be saved. The acceptance of Lordship is over the Kingdom He has brought with His Message from God The Father. Therefore, salvation is not just making a false call by limiting Jesus as anything of a simple magical word, but by making a stand and part-taking in following the ways that are commanded by Christ Jesus Himself., and this choice associated by their actions towards God’s offering will save humans.

Jesus also suffered for the punishment of Blasphemy against the SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD without knowing what the people of all times – are / were doing. 

The Lord’s offering on the cross and His love is filled with power of the Holy Spirit. Denying the salvation and dishonouring the existence of Lord in His Holiness is not caused by Human spirit, but by the enemy within the World. Thus the denial of people is not caused by Human spirit but by the evil enemy which claims to be supreme in the world against God. Therefore, the real Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:31) is inspired and caused by the cheating powers of the enemy in the world. This will not be forgiven to the enemy. However, as long as humans associate and justify such act and the power of the world, the punishment also gets equally associated to the associated human. Therefore, it is better for Man to detatch that worldly power by the Grace of Lord Jesus, as soon as possible, so that human may be spared from the wrath of God which is poured against that evil power might also have been shared with human, who has allowed such blasphemy through him.  So, whatever that is inspired by evil needs to be denied by the act of penance and repentance. This clarifies that even there is a choice for such a grevious sinner, whether to be forgiven or to be punished. Therefore, salvation can not to be taken for granted without making the needful choice we ought to make in action.

 This makes denying salvation as making a choice of eternal death. Such denial is influenced by evil, and such a denying of salvation makes it a blasphemy against the Spirit of The Lord. Whoever associates themselves by deliberate choice with evil, will also be associated in the consequence. That is being said, they will not be saved from the consequences of their sin.

But man is saved by the Blood of the lamb as ritual prescribes, and also A choice offered to all other mankind who is not bound by such rituals, therefore given it by God to choose. Otherwise, there would not be any choice to all mankind, where sun , moon rain weather etc are given to all without discrimination. Therefore, Jesus is also given as a Choice for all mankind to make.

Jesus Christ is the Lamb Of God, who offered Himself according to the ritual of Moses’ Law. And He also preached the coming of God’s Kingdom. He also commanded to share the same message to all mankind. Therefore, it is an offering to all mankind. Now, before presenting this choice, it needs to be introduced well. That work is done by the ministry of evangelization, which is the duty of all those who have recieved Christ’s Message and Accepted it.

As the freedom of choice does not compel anyone, it remains as our choice to accept salvation. Though Jesus died for all mankind. inorder to be saved, one must choose, accept and adhere this salvation with respect.

Let us recall, as the Lord warned about the death as a consequence in the beginning, man made implied choice ( being deceived by the enemy, ) to die by committing the forbidden sin.  Once, that was set, there was no choice left, unless it is offered to him. So, salvation is offered by Jesus by dying in the Cross in the place of us for punishment, it is up to us now, to make a choice to associate ourselves with Christ to die with him in order to rise again. And it is through Jesus alone. As no other choice as such is offered to mankind.

We will rise again through Jesus Christ our Lord. Because, God the Father risen Him. He chose to rise again. He is without sin and lives for ever. Moreover, He chose to save us all who are with Him. If that choice was not made, Man would have ended his existence in death for eternity according to the judgement already set for sin. God did not want to destroy Man. So, according to His choice, With His Mercy He sent His only Son to save us. If salvation is chosen by us, as per our choice, we shall live after death. And we rise again.

If salvation is chosen, sin can not remain with it. – a prerequisite for anyone wishing to be with Him, because This is Lord in His Nature.

So He forgave every sin of the world. It is only to choose and accept the forgiveness, (Of Course, with great respect) that will save us.

As sin was/is against GOD, Man could not reach God. So God became Man so that He can choose to give salvation and yet remain without sin. He took all human’s sin’s consequences upon him however, he did not commit any sin. And His (Jesus’s) choice became Dear to Father. He rose Him up from the Death. And Jesus remains the only imperishable among all the perishable. Thus, His Will and Choice is eternal.

In the Bible we read, Jesus Chose (Declared) Himself as the Bread of Life. His Choice gives us Life. Jesus Chose (Declared) Himself as the way to The Father. Therefore, He Shall be the only Way to The Father. He said ‘I am the Truth’. He is the Truth., A way of freedom.

Yet, Jesus did not interfere or force with our freedom of Choice given By God The Father. So, if we choose to accept and acknowledge the Will of Jesus Christ, we will be saved. The acceptance of His Will is Accepting His Lordship.

Jesus says, ‘‘I come and stand at your door. I will knock, and who ever welcomes Me, I shall dwell with Him.’’

To open the doors of our hearts, it is the Choice that we shall make.

By sin we lost all the choice and authority. By salvation we regained it all through Jesus Christ. So every act is needed to be according to Jesus in order to endure for ever. What He forbid remains forbidden for ever.

In all the earth, Light Shining over the darkness and the Victory over sin achieved by Lord Jesus Christ is Eternal Victory. The Victory is shared among all His followers or branches to bear fruit. In Joy of this victory by the Love of Father, Our hearts and souls sing Songs For the Glory of The Lord Forever and Ever, Amen.

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